Americans behind bars

Seven tenths of a percent of America is behind bars. That doesn’t sound like much, right? Well, that is actually more than 2 million people. And get this: prisoners in China are only .118 percent of the total population, while Brazil locks up only .183 percent of its citizens. The data comes from the International Centre for Prison Studies via the BBC’s in depth report on prison life. Here is the full chart

 Total Prison Pop. % of the total population Jail occupancy level % Women Prisoners % 
 China1,548,498 .118 N/A4.6
 Russia828,900 .58179.56.4
 Brazil336,358 .183182.73.3
 India322,357 .031*140.23.2
 Mexico201,931 .191125.65.0
 South Africa156,175 .344164.12.2
England/Wales 76,678 .143108.95.8
 Japan76,413 .060*105.95.9

 *the zero was missing when we initially posted this


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