Ukraine's Combat Dolphins Begin Swimming for Russia

Kiev wants its combat dolphins back, but now they're swimming for Russia.

After annexing the Crimean peninsula in March, Russia announced that it would press Ukraine's combat dolphins, stationed at a facility in Sevastopol, into service for Moscow. That time has come: The Crimean State Oceanarium, the dolphins' home base, is now under full Russian control.

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So Many #Brands Tweeting About 9/11, So Few #Thinking

"Share the crazy little things you do using #MyCrave," White Castle, the fast-food chain, urges fans in its Twitter bio. Below that promotion, and above an online poll asking Americans whether they prefer #Scrambled or #SunnySideUp, #StarWars or #StarTrek, is a digital memorial to the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks:

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Obama 86’d the War Powers Resolution

Eighty-six -- that's how many days have passed without President Barack Obama seeking congressional approval for his actions in Iraq, despite a decades-old law that forbids presidents from waiting so long to get lawmakers' sign-off on military engagements.

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