State's Contracting in Ebola-Plagued Countries under Scrutiny

Whether the United States is convening an unprecedented summit with heads of state, responding to a terrifying Ebola epidemic, or working with governments to battle Boko Haram, its diplomatic relationships with African countries have perhaps never been more central to its foreign policy. That makes the latest audit published by the Office of the Inspector General (IG) of the State Department particularly worrisome.

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North Korea to John Kerry: You're a Hideous Wolf

Are North Korea's propagandists finally getting better at crafting their metaphors?

In a statement published Wednesday, a spokesperson for the North Korean defense commission insulted Secretary of State John Kerry by insinuating that he is unattractive. According to the Associated Press, the spokesperson ridiculed Kerry as a wolf with a "hideous lantern jaw." The American diplomat was also described as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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These Two Charts Show How China Is Helping Decimate Africa's Elephants

It has long been known that China's voracious appetite for ivory is helping drive a spike in the poaching of African elephants. But until now, it wasn't clear just how bad the problem has become. According to a new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, elephants are being killed at a faster rate than the animals can reproduce, and their widespread killing is tearing apart elephant societies.

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Following Food Import Ban, Russians Are Turning to an Old Soviet Staple

Earlier this month, Russia announced that it would retaliate against Western sanctions by banning the import of a wide variety of foods, from fruits to fish, from Europe, the United States, and other countries that levied sanctions against Russia. As a result, some Russians in Moscow and St. Petersburg are facing decreasing food supplies and rising prices at the checkout line.

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