Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un's Glorious Disappearance

On Saturday, a group of North Korean athletes convened for a peculiar meeting. While participating in the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, they gathered for "evening longing for respected Marshal Kim Jong Un." During the gathering, according to the North Korean state news agency KCNA, "the minds of all members of the delegation and players are running to him whom they long to see, awake or asleep."

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The United States’ Silk Road to Nowhere

The United States has invested billions of dollars in Afghanistan over the past 13 years in an attempt to rebuild the country fractured by war and poverty. Now, as U.S. forces withdraw and Kabul is expected to assume security duties, Washington is trying to improve Afghanistan's beleaguered economy by reviving one of history's oldest trading routes -- the Silk Road.

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…And Stay Out! Australia Signs a Deal to Unload Refugees Onto Cambodia

On Friday, one of the world's wealthiest nations convinced one of the world's poorest to take in its unwanted refugees.

Australian officials say they hope to resettle 1,000 asylum seekers or more in Cambodia in the near future. They plan to send the first few later this year over from the tiny island nation of Nauru, one of two locations where Australia offshores unwanted visitors. In return, Cambodia will receive about $35 million in development aid.

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