Overlooked Syrian Conflict Hits New Death Toll Record

As the world focused on Ukraine and Gaza over the weekend, the bloodiest 48-hour period in Syria's civil war went largely unnoticed. More than 700 Syrians were killed on Thursday and Friday, according to an NGO tracking the conflict, providing a stark reminder that a war that has raged for years shows no signs of winding down.

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What's More Dangerous: A 3-D Printed Gun or Vagina?

According to the gospel of the so-called maker movement -- the cottage industry of 3-D printing enthusiasts and users -- the spread of such printing and design technology is a revolutionary development, one that promises to return ownership to workers of the means of production to laborers. With a printer in every home, every worker becomes a factory owner. And like any good revolution, it's already running into trouble with the law. This week, a Japanese artist was arrested for making and distributing 3-D printed designs of her vagina.

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