Did China Just Re-Enact the Famous 'Birdie' Scene From 'Top Gun' With U.S. Plane?

Early in Top Gun, that monument to American military supremacy and fighter-jock guilt, Maverick and Goose encounter a pair of hostile Migs. In an attempt to avoid an armed encounter and scare off the (presumably) Soviet fighters, Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, executes one of the most famous aerial maneuvers in film history. While inverted, he approaches the Mig from above, drops down to a perilously close distance, and flips the bird to his opponent. Naturally, the Mig immediately bugs out.

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No Graffiti For You! Donetsk Rebels Are Holding Captive City’s Guerrilla Artist

Earlier this summer, mysterious, surrealist, and deeply irreverent art began appearing on the streets of Donetsk. The graffiti and wooden cutouts openly mocked the city's pro-Russian rebels, depicting them as devils. A graffiti portrait of the rebel leader, Igor Strelkov, urged him to commit suicide. The rebels did not take kindly to the art. Sergey Zakharov, the artist behind the project, has disappeared. His friends and family say that he is a prisoner of the Donetsk People's Republic, as the putative leaders of the breakaway regions call their new "country."

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State's Contracting in Ebola-Plagued Countries Under Scrutiny

Whether the United States is convening an unprecedented summit with heads of state, responding to a terrifying Ebola epidemic, or working with governments to battle Boko Haram, its diplomatic relationships with African countries have perhaps never been more central to its foreign policy. That makes the latest audit published by the Office of the Inspector General (IG) of the State Department particularly worrisome.

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North Korea to John Kerry: You're a Hideous Wolf

Are North Korea's propagandists finally getting better at crafting their metaphors?

In a statement published Wednesday, a spokesperson for the North Korean defense commission insulted Secretary of State John Kerry by insinuating that he is unattractive. According to the Associated Press, the spokesperson ridiculed Kerry as a wolf with a "hideous lantern jaw." The American diplomat was also described as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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