Four Huge Immigration Problems Obama Likely Won't Fix Tonight

President Barack Obama goes before the nation on Thursday night to lay out the executive orders he's issuing to bypass Congress and massively overhaul the nation's immigration laws. Through a combination of reforms, Obama's plan is expected to keep up to 5 million undocumented immigrants with long-standing ties to the United States from being deported. 

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Suing Companies for Atrocities Has Never Been Harder. Thanks, Supreme Court!

If you're a U.S. corporate CEO fearful that your company's actions abroad -- say, setting up a mine and killing some villagers in the process -- might have you running afoul of international law, take heart: The human rights law that once might have been used against you has been practically stripped of its power, thanks to a vague provision in a 2013 Supreme Court ruling now making itself felt in the American judicial system.

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