Everest's Sherpas by the Numbers

The Mount Everest avalanche that killed 13 mountain guides Friday may have an upside for the Sherpas who make their living guiding foreign trekkers up the world's tallest peak: A better safety net. Following the tragedy, the Sherpas are threatening a total boycott -- unless the government provides better insurance compensation and more emergency aid for guides.

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No One Is Mourning the Death of Bitcoin Giant Mt. Gox

Since peaking at more than $1,100 in late November, Bitcoin's trading value has fallen by half. On Wednesday, a Japanese court delivered a death blow to Mt. Gox, once the world's largest Bitcoin exchange, which had collapsed after hackers stole a huge trove of the cryptocurrency from the company's servers. By denying the exchange's application to rebuild under bankruptcy protection, the court sent the exchange hurtling toward liquidation.

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