You Can Watch Freighter Ships From the Parking Lot of Panama's New Biodiversity Museum

Panama's new museum of biodiversity, the Biomuseo, sits at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal. When it officially opens to the public on Thursday, visitors will enter galleries with names like "The Living Web" and "Gallery of Biodiversity" overlooking the entrance to a man-made ditch that links two oceans and divides continents. It is a Frank Gehry-designed monument to the natural world, square at the entrance to one of humankind's greatest attempts to reshape the Earth.

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Follow a #Pilgrim on Their #Hajj to #Mecca

If you're not on your own pilgrimage to Mecca, you might as well follow someone else's on Instagram.

The annual Hajj to Mecca is one of the most ancient and sacred rituals in Islam, but it's also the largest annual gathering of people on the planet, and this week many pilgrims are recording their rites through selfies, even as Islamic scholars begin to declare they're haram (illegal in Islam). 

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Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un's Glorious Disappearance

On Saturday, a group of North Korean athletes convened for a peculiar meeting. While participating in the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, they gathered for "evening longing for respected Marshal Kim Jong Un." During the gathering, according to the North Korean state news agency KCNA, "the minds of all members of the delegation and players are running to him whom they long to see, awake or asleep."

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