Afghanistan's CEO Won't Be His Own Boss

A tense, fifteen-minute ceremony at Kabul's presidential palace ended with an awkward hug between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, who had spent months trading accusations of wide-ranging voter fraud, signing a power-sharing deal that will make Ghani president and Abdullah Afghanistan's chief executive officer, a title created especially for the agreement.

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Caught on Tape: The Increasingly Strange and Worrisome Case of the White House Fence Jumper

When a former Special Forces sniper allegedly jumped over a White House fence and sprinted to the unlocked front doors of President Barack Obama's private residence Friday night, Secret Service officials initially told the public not to worry: the suspect, they said, had been unarmed. That assessment seems right, except for the whole "unarmed" part.

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Call of Duty: Star Video Game Director Takes Unusual Think Tank Job

The Atlantic Council's newest fellow has been a key strategist for several wars -- all fought on gaming consoles and computer screens.

Until recently, Dave Anthony was a director and writer for Call of Duty, one of the biggest video game franchises ever. Known for its realistic graphics and plots inspired by real-world events, the series has sold well over 100 million copies and generated billions of dollars in revenue. Anthony managed a development team and budget on the scale of a Hollywood blockbuster.

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WHO Head: Ebola 'Greatest Peacetime Challenge' in U.N. History

With the Islamic State on the march and Ukraine in an undeclared war with Russia, next week's United Nations General Assembly already has a full plate of thorny challenges to address. But top U.N. officials are desperately trying to bring attention to another: the escalating Ebola epidemic in West Africa, which they say is rapidly outpacing the international efforts to contain it.

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