How the Polish Right Is Making Political Hay Out of MH17

"This Is How Putin Kills." That was the headline emblazoned Monday across the cover of the right-wing Polish magazine wSieci. The cover included images two images, one from the crash site in eastern Ukraine of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, with one immediately below of a jetliner engulfed in a fireball. A caption for the jetliner picture, all but certainly a digitally altered photograph, implied that it was the Polish government jet that crashed in Smolensk, Russia on April 10,  2010 with 96 people on board, including the country's then-president, Lech Kaczynski. That crash is seared in the Polish national memory, and last week's events in eastern Ukraine are bringing back painful memories of that disaster -- and fueling long-standing conspiracy theories blaming Russia for the earlier crash.

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Overlooked Syrian Conflict Hits New Death Toll Record

As the world focused on Ukraine and Gaza over the weekend, the bloodiest 48-hour period in Syria's civil war went largely unnoticed. More than 700 Syrians were killed on Thursday and Friday, according to an NGO tracking the conflict, providing a stark reminder that a war that has raged for years shows no signs of winding down.

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