ISIS Hostage John Cantlie 'Reports' From Kobani

The Islamic State is no stranger to brazen PR moves. Its propaganda videos of mass executions and beheadings are as horrifying as they are shocking, a vicious statement of intent to its Western audience. But on Monday the group changed course slightly by releasing its latest video, a curious report that features British hostage John Cantlie delivering a television "news" standup allegedly from the beleaguered Syrian city of Kobani.

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Parasitic Capitalism, Round 2: Sold for $200,000

Two weeks ago, we told you about the money-grubbers of Blue String Ventures, whose business entails squatting on domain names and flipping them for a pretty penny. Their "portfolio" included, which they sold last week for about $200,000 to a company called -- and, no, this isn't a joke -- Weed Growth Fund.

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North Korea's Ebola Response Mirrors 'World War Z'

When word spreads in Max Brooks's 2006 dystopian novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War that zombies are infesting the world, North Korea acts decisively, sealing its borders and hustling its people into mysterious bunkers. "No country was better prepared to repel the infestation than North Korea," says Hyungchol Choi, the fictional deputy director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. "Rivers to the north, oceans to the east and west, and to the south … the most heavily fortified border on Earth."

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Canadian PM: 'Terrorist' Responsible for Deadly Ottawa Shootings

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Speaking to his nation Wednesday night, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper blamed a deadly shooting at parliament that killed a Canadian soldier and wounded three others hours earlier on terrorism. The prime minister did not ascribe motive to the Parliament Hill attack, but he did tie the shooting to an "ISIL-inspired" incident in Quebec on Monday where one soldier was killed and another injured when they were run down by a man with declared sympathies for Islamic extremism.

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