Is That a Soviet Soldier on the Wall of the White House Press Secretary's House?

Look past the piles of fruit, pancakes, orange juice, bagels, donuts, butter, sausages, bacon, oversize coffee makers, and adorably precocious children that adorn the opening of Washingtonian Mom's cringeworthy profile of ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman and her husband, White House spokesperson Jay Carney, and you'll find something slightly more intriguing. Carney and Shipman appear to have some great Soviet propaganda posters on their walls.

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Satellite Imagery Shows Russian Troop Buildup Near Ukraine

Apparently fed up with Russian claims that the country's military forces have scaled back their presence along Ukraine's border, NATO officers decided to carry out some information warfare of their own on Thursday. In a briefing with reporters at the organization's headquarters in Belgium, NATO unveiled satellite imagery of what it said were Russian troop deployments on the Ukrainian frontier. 

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Now Venezuelans Are Taking Off Their Clothes to Protest

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro fancies himself something of a flower child. In an interview with the Guardian this week, the former bus driver and trade unionist denied accusations that he used excessive force to put down intense anti-government protests, leaving as many as 39 people dead. "We are all a little bit hippie, a little bohemian," Maduro told the British paper, explaining that he "listened to and lived through the life of John Lennon."

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