The Catalan Connection in Scotland’s Independence Referendum

EDINBURGH, Scotland -- There are lot of people from outside the country who have come to wish Scots well during their referendum on independence. Some have come to support the continued existence of the United Kingdom. But there are also contingents from other separatist struggles around Europe. Representatives of the Basques, the South Tyroleans, and the Lombards have turned up so far. But probably the most visible are the Catalans, whose population (7.5 million) is a bit larger than that of the Scots (5.3 million).

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'Maybe I Will Live and Maybe I Will Die': New ISIS Video Has Small Glimmer of Hope

The trio of videos released by the Islamic State in recent weeks have followed the same grim pattern -- a helpless and unarmed Westerner is forced to kneel in front of a masked militant who threatens the United States and Britain before calmly beheading the captive -- but the group's newest video contains a small glimmer of hope that the hostage, British journalist John Cantlie, might potentially make it out alive.

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Benghazi Panel Opens With a Whimper, Not a Bang

The special investigation into the best practices following the Sept. 11, 2012 seige on a U.S. diplomatic post in the Libyan city of Benghazi was meant to be a heated political affair. The summer's events likely took most of the wind out of the committee's sails as Congress is preoccupied with crises from Africa to Ukraine, but amid many empty seats in the congressional hearing room, a special House investigative panel on Benghazi made its inauspicious public debut on Wednesday.

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