Pentagon Pen Drops Twitter Hatchet on FP Columnist

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Gordon Adams is a Washington D.C. defense expert who oversaw defense budgets for the Clinton administration and is something of a crotchety contrarian in the beltway debate over the Pentagon purse. He is an opponent of the kind of creative accounting that has kept the Department of Defense's budget afloat and how Pentagon planning has entered an alternate reality. So it's not surprising that Adams may not be the most popular figure within the Pentagon; what is surprising is that a Pentagon speechwriter is publicly attacking him.

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Hamas's New Rocket Is Inaccurate. It's Also a Serious Upgrade.

Late on Tuesday, a rocket landed near the Israeli city of Hadera, nearly 70 miles north of its  Gaza Strip launch site. That's the greatest distance a Hamas rocket has ever traveled from Gaza, and as Israel and Hamas trade blows in an escalating cycle of violence, it's raising questions about what is in Hamas's arsenal -- and how it got there.

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America Is Leaving Afghanistan and Civilians Are Paying the Price

With American troops preparing to leave Afghanistan and the Taliban stepping up its attacks across the country, Afghan civilians are increasingly getting caught in the crossfire. According to newly released United Nations data, the number of civilians who were injured or killed in Afghanistan rose by 24 percent over the first half of 2014, compared to the same period in last year. In total, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) documented 1,564 civilian deaths and 3,289 injuries during the six-month span.

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U.N. Extends Marriage Benefits to Gay Employees

Gay rights has long been an issue of deep hypocrisy at the United Nations. Although the organization promotes gay rights around the world, some gay employees' spouses weren't eligible for benefits until Monday, when the U.N. took a major step and extended benefits to all same-sex partnerships.

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